Contemplations about the Soul

When you hear “Soul”, what do you think about?

For decades I associated Soul with religion. However, in my search of connecting to the Soul I found another perspective that suited me more… Soul is Information. It is the warehouse of information, the essence of a being.

A concept called Tao Science, which is the Science of Tao (Tao meaning the Creator) shifted this paradigm for me, of Soul being something religious. When you look at it from a quantum physics perspective, everything and everyone has a vibrational field. This field encompasses the essence and all messages that one carries. The quantum field is without limits. It has no time, no space, no judgment, there is no good nor bad within it. Seems familiar? 😊

As a scientist, I was trained to only believe what I can see and what I can prove. In time, I came to see that this belief is limited because science is still discovering the great mysteries of Nature. And things that seemed impossible 300 years ago are not in this day and age. A better view would be to believe anything is possible, and that classical science is not there yet, cannot elucidate all mysteries of the Universe.

Searching for the Soul is a journey. Everyone is searching for something. Have you found your Soul? Do you know how powerful you are? I think most of us are afraid of the power that resides in us, because otherwise we would be responsible for everything that happens in our lives. We would not be able to blame the smallest thing on another being or circumstance.

The power of the Soul is about you connecting with yourself, and not in a narcissistic, egoistic way, where you do not care about anything else, but rather connecting to everything and to the ever-present vibrational field within. Connecting with that space, where there is no space, no time, no judgment. Just peace.

After a decade of Soul searching, I see that all we are searching for is for love and peace. That is our deepest desire. All we do is to find that space where we are Home. A lot of us start looking for it on the outside, by going places, doing activities, etc. However, Peace can only be found within. God, the Creator, Tao, the Universe or however you want to name it can only be found within and not in the form or shape that we can imagine. And of course, we all start looking for the Soul outside of us, that is the Soul’s Journey: to look outside just to find it within.

Reconnect with your Soul

If you want to feel love, peace or just get some answers for your life dilemmas, I invite you to (re)connect with your Soul more. How do we do that?

  •         Start or continue your Self-discovery with courses, workshops, seminars, etc
  •         Read a book that inspires you and opens new avenues, perspectives and opportunities. Something that is even out of your comfort zone.
  •         Practice meditation. There are many different types, from staying still to meditation in motion. You can find on my website more info on meditation and its benefits.
  •         Listen to inspiring songs, go to an uplifting concert or do sound therapy. Sounds carry frequency and vibration and you can attune your body to any uplifting song.
  •         Do Laughter Yoga. Not only that happiness is contagious, but smiling with no reason will give you a boost of “happy” hormones that will keep the doctor away 😊
  •         Make your own morning ritual in the morning. Start your day with. As soon as you wake up, smile. Say hello to the Sun/Sky, to the Earth, to humanity and all the people you will meet that day.
  •         Be kind to yourself and others.
  •         Leave from the Heart.
  •         Do Soul Communication (more on that in a later article)

And above all, ask yourself: what makes me Happy? And do that. No matter what. We become unhappy as we give up on our dreams and give in to the idea that magic does not exist.

The Power of the Soul is in you! And sometimes we need a guide to get there, someone that we trust and with whom we resonate 🙂

Enjoy reconnecting to your Soul.