Harmonious relationships

Find out what prevents you in bringing more love, peace and harmony to your relationships. 

In this workshop you will find out how you can transform your relationships at a soul, mind and body level. You will receive both scientific information and ancient wisdom using the principles of Tao Science about the soul and our relationships. You will receive a technique that you can use in any relationship to bring transformation, healing and wonderful blessings.

Which relationships you can focus on?

There are many types, and the principles that will be presented can be applied for any relationship. We will focus on:

  • Relationship with your family and friends
  • Relationship with your colleagues, boss


  • Learn what harmonious relationships are and why it is the key for success
  • How to remove blockages and develop harmonious relationships through soul power, heart power, mind power, energy power, body power, sound power, Tao calligraphy
  • Experience a harmonious relationship with oneself and others


  • Time: to be determined
  • Location: Online
  • Includes a gift: free Tao Hands blessing during the workshop
  • Price: 85 euro

"Diana gave us valuable information on how to do meditations (technically and practically) in order to give ourselves positive information to have a beneficial mental and physical state. In the meditation we were guided to notice our inner self; then, on the left side of my body where I have a health problem, there was a well-defined center that dissolved through attention on that area. The seminar was very valuable with deep meditations with a tailored presentation designed in a personal touch by Diana. Thank you for sharing this work with us."
Doina M. (Romania)