Hi! I'm

Diana Mogoșanu

I am a person who’s always looking for a continuous evolution. Life in itself is an opportunity for growth. I am interested in the development of the human potential through a holistic approach, as a body-mind-spirit unity. As an engineer and PhD in biomedical engineering, I have developed a very analytic, organized mind that helps me to analyze and process data of any kind. So far I sound like a robot J, but actually it is my journey in science that made me aware and amazed of the complexity of life in general. And by life I mean: the human body, the mind, the thoughts behind our actions, the interpersonal interactions, our relationships, etc.

So my self-discovery journey started (and is still ongoing, of course). As a Laughter Yoga leader, Life coach, and meditation devotee, I have also found my creative and intuitive mind.


Diana is a very joyful, inspiring woman. Just before this session started I was very busy dealing with business challenges where my mind went in overdrive. This session was very useful to me. It helped me to let go, cool down my mind and reconnect with myself. Diana’s approach is grounded and rational with practical explanation of the meditation exercises. The way she guides through the exercises brought myself to a state of pure joy and happiness.



It was a breath of fresh air, I can’t wait for the next sessions.



Thank you for the session. Your enthusiasm and laughter are infections.



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