Hi! I'm

Diana Mogoșanu

I am a person who’s always looking for a continuous evolution. Life in itself is an opportunity for growth. I am interested in the development of the human potential through a holistic approach, as a body-mind-spirit unity.

As an engineer and PhD in biomedical engineering, I have developed a very analytic, organized mind that helps me to analyze and process data of any kind. So far I sound like a robot 🙂 , but actually it is my journey in science that made me aware and amazed of the complexity of life in general. And by life I mean: the human body, the mind, the thoughts behind our actions, our relationships, etc.

As a Personal Development Coach, Laughter Yoga leader, and meditation devotee, I have also found my creative and intuitive mind. I have experienced that my world can really change by changing my own perspective of the world. I have found amazing ways to relax, to eliminate and cope with stress, anxiety, and other emotions that are so powerfully disadvantageous to all of us. I have found ways to achieve everything I wanted so far and I learnt how to think outside the box and eventually get out of it.

My mission?

My mission is for you to discover your (highest) potential, see what is in the way, let it go and live a happy fulfilled life.

I have found the world to be beautiful, peaceful, and abundant through different techniques. I would like to share the joy of life and I would love for people to see the power within themselves. I believe in togetherness and that everything is connected. I believe that happiness, although an inner state, is contagious. Together we can pursue our dreams and create a beautiful world. All starts from self-discovery…

With joy,

Diana Mogosanu