Tao Hands Session

“Heal the Soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.”

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Tao Healing Hands can be applied in many situations, from everyday problems to serious chronic illness and mental and emotional distress. Tao Healing Hands can help prevent and heal illness, create harmony in relationships, enhance finances and business, and guide you to fulfilling your true potential. Everyone and everything have a frequency and vibration. With the high frequency and vibration of Tao Healing Hands, negative messages that cause challenges in every aspect of life can be transformed to positive, healing messages.

This session is for you if: 

  1. you want to uplift and transform areas such as:
    • Health
    • Emotions such as anxiety, fear, sadness, worry, grief, anger 
    • Negative beliefs, negative attitudes, negative mindsets
    • Physical issues including pain, symptoms
    • Relationships
    • Finances & Business
  2. you want to enhance your experience of Love, Peace and Harmony, and bring more of these attributes in a certain aspect of your life

Honour fee: 70 Euro per session/ 300 Euro for 5 sessions

Note: 1 session of 1 hour includes a follow-up call of 15 min after 1-2 weeks at a commonly agreed time. 

For any other inquiries, please fill in the contact form below.


"Thank you from my heart and soul. I am very grateful for these sessions you offered, which were amazing. I did many types of meditation, but in none of them did I experience such beautiful golden light. It was a unique sensation that I felt in my entire body. Before these sessions, I used to feel agitated, annoyed, overwhelmed by the events in my life. After the sessions I experience a state of peace, inner silence, relaxation. And my mind feels like in a holiday. I cannot wait for the next sessions."
Tamaro O. (Romania)