Everything is Energy

What is Energy….in the context of meditation?

In the context of meditation, people always seem to use the word “energy”, or “We are energy”.

Some people maybe think this is just a “hippie” way of saying stuff. Until 7 years ago I did not make much of this saying either. I was raised in a stiff, post-communist society where there was no room for such new age ideas. The wording “we are energy” was for me something that some people say.

When I was young I also didn’t really understand the applicability of all my physics courses (where theoretically you learn about energy, etc.). And when I think of how many troubles and sleepless nights this subject gave me during my bachelor years! 🙂

It is amazing how life is and how it takes you places you never thought you’d even consider going.

I’ve started to be genuinely interested in physics since becoming a meditation devotee. And not only the basic physics, which makes much more sense now than it did then, but also quantum physics. In what follows, I will explain my perspective on the phrasing “we are ENERGY“.

Cool science facts

Atoms and the body

Matter is made out of tiny particles called atoms. By matter I mean everything we see and don’t see with our eyes, everything that has a mass, including our body. Quantum physics discovered even smaller than these particles, but we’ll just stick to the basics for the moment.

Atoms are in turn made of sub-atomic particles like protons and neutrons. The more you get into the structure of an atom, the more you notice that there is mostly nothing there, just energy waves.


Most of the mass of an atom is in its nucleus. The size of the nucleus in an atom is like a fly in a cathedral (nucleus is 1/100,000 the size of the atom). Also, if you are to consider that the nucleus is the only solid matter of an atom and add up all the nuclei of all the atoms of all human beings existing on this planet, then you will have something like a cube of sugar.

Therefore, all the solid matter on earth fits in the volume of a sugar cube.

So basically, our bodies can be more accurately characterize as empty than solid, more like energy waves.

Energy and the body

Every cell in our body has its atoms. The atoms are placed such that the cell has a negative and a positive voltage, inside and outside the cell membrane. Cells and tissues generate electrical fields and specific magnetic pulsations. If you consider the number of cells in your body (37.2 trillion) you get a quite strong field! Each organ has a field. The heart itself projects a biomagnetic field (fact published in scientific literature since the 1960s). Furthermore, the electro-magnetic field of the hart is much stronger than that of the brain.

Probably this what the Chinese referred to as ‘chi’, or life energy, also used in some healing techniques such as traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, martial arts, etc.

Light and the body

In America, dr. Zimmerman recorded the biomagnetic pulsations from the hands of energy healing therapists. It was stated that the biomagnetic pulsations from the hands are in the same frequency range as brain waves. In Japan (1992), Seto and his colleagues also detected large bio-magnetic field strength coming from human hands during a therapy session.

Anyone who’s interested in these studies can find in more details in the scientific literature.

Another scientific fact is that some of the smallest particles of light are the photons. Did you know that ONE HUMAN CELL emits 100 (bio)photons/cm2 ? If you multiply this by the number of cells in the human body (37.2 trillion according to Bianconi et al, 2013) you will come to the conclusion that our body glows.

The body is made of light. Although it cannot be seen by the naked eye, it can be measured by photomultipliers (Wijk et al, 2005). Alexander Gurwitsch, embryologist, discovered the existence of this light which has been demonstrated by modern biophysicists since the late 1960’s.

That is why some people talk about us having an “aura”. Actually everything has an aura if you think about the science behind it; because everything is energy.

The fascinating thing is that this term appears from ancient times, when theoretically they didn’t have the devices and the technology we have today. Like a lot of other old mysteries, the wisdom behind ancient civilizations is fascinating.

So, “Energy” is not a hippie word. It’s just what it says: energy.

And yes, we are energy and electricity and light!

We are much more than we can ever imagine!

So I ask you to contemplate at the immense Universe of what you are!

And next time someone tells you “You are Energy” or “You are Light”, believe they are scientifically correct.


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