A Journey To Self-Love

Self-Love is the foundation for creating a successful life, having harmonious relationships, abundance, and even for serving others.

Find out what prevents you in having more love, peace and harmony. In this workshop you will find out how you can transform your relationship with yourself at a soul, mind and body level.

You will receive both scientific information and ancient wisdom using the principles of Tao Science. You will receive a technique that you can use in bringing more self love and inner peace, you will receive healing and wonderful blessings.


  • Time: to be determined
  • Location: Online
  • Includes a gift: free Tao Hands blessing during the workshop
  • Price: 85 euro

"The Self-Love and Tao Science seminar helped me to be here and now in my life, to connect with my child deeper and to relax! It helped me to spend time with my family more mindfully and enjoy connecting with others! Thank you for all of this @Diana Mogoșanu 🤗"
Alina B. (Romania)

"When Diana stated that we can experience awareness after intention setting, I had a concrete revelation about my emotional problem, I saw the situation with detachment, as if I was out of my body, I had such clarity of the situation I was in. That astounded me. During the guided meditation on how we define self-love, (I had never thought about it for myself), I understood the answer on the spot and was overcome by a long, tearful, liberating cry. By attending these seminars I got to know myself better and learned how to make my life happier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Doina M. (Romania)