The Concept

I am here to empower you to make a significant, positive impact in your life, to live a happier healthier life.

By combining classical life coaching with different meditation and holistic healing techniques such as Laughter yoga, creative visualisation and meditation techniques.

The ups and downs of our lives are actually built out of emotions, emotions that feel good or emotions that feel bad to us. They come and go, and we could feel we have no control over them. Emotions can sometimes block us or lift us to achieve our goals.

As a coach, I guide people on how to monitor their emotions and distinguish between them, monitor the thoughts linked to the respective emotions and use this emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.

All emotions have a correspondent sensation in the body. I teach people about body awareness and how they can use that to increase their emotional awareness, manage their emotions and transform challenges (in relationships, within themselves).

Mental awareness comes from the fact that each emotion has it’s own type of thoughts. Monitoring and releasing these thoughts can bring understanding on what is happening and a feeling of relief.

Spirituality involves the power of intention, motivation, which is actually the drive to achieve our goals. Without it, we can experience giving up fast, letting go of our dreams, or being confused on where we are going, or on what do we actually want. It is not to be confused with mind power, but more a higher purpose of the intentions that we set.

The final goaI is to guide people to become happier and more joyful.

Why meditation & coaching?
Simply put, to maximize your potential and results.

It is a fast way to transform your dreams into reality!

My experience in training individuals:
- Health and wellness coaching
- Identity coaching: who am I, what am I good at, dealing with self-doubt
- Self-expression
- Emotional intelligence
- Dealing with anxiety, burn-outs

Corporate coaching and training sessions:
- Team building activities
- Managing the work-life balance to optimize efficiency
- Stress management
- Emotional Intelligence at work