Reset your Body Mind Soul Health Summit

This online Health Summit intends to take you on a journey to self healing.

In two days, ten international speakers will share their experience on how to heal the Body, Mind, and Soul. You will receive tips and tricks on how to heal yourself at a body-mind-spiritual level.

There will be three main topics:

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Physical Health
  • Spirituality and Mind

In this Reset your Body Mind and Soul Health Summit, I will personally be speaking about the Power of the Soul, self-healing using meditation as a prayer. You will get a new perspective on the power of the Soul in the context of healing.

We all have the power to heal ourselves. Our Body has the amazing ability to regenerate. Our Mind creates through focus and visualization. The power of words is beyond comprehension, as it has the ability to create. Our Soul heals thorough invocation or setting a specific intention.

Time: Join me and the other speakers on the 26th and 27th March and discover the Power of the Soul for yourself!

Price: This is a Complimentary event!

Place: Online