Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Emotions are at the core of every human being

The ups and downs of our lives are actually built out of emotions, emotions that feel good or emotions that feel bad to us. They come and go, and we could feel we have no control over them. Emotions can sometimes block us in continuing a business or following a lead that would otherwise be beneficial to us. They can even lead to broken relationships. But what if there was a way to get the power back?
Emotional intelligence is a key concept that deals with the ability to observe one’s own and other people’s emotions, to distinguish between different emotions and to use this information to guide thinking and behavior. It involves self-awareness (i.e. what do I think and feel), self-management (i.e. what can I do), social awareness (i.e., what about others) and emotional management (i.e., what do I create with my emotions, with others, etc.).

Becoming aware of yourselves and others at a deeper level can generate empathy and acceptance towards the challenges we are experiencing.

This Emotional Intelligence Workshop can help you to:
– Monitor your emotions and distinguish between them
– Monitor your thoughts and link them to the respective emotions
– Use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior
– Transform challenges (in relationships, with yourself)
– Feel happier

In this event you will receive:
– Simple practices to help you identify emotions (self-awareness)
– Techniques to help you accept and transform your emotions (self-management)

Join us and learn how you can start transforming challenges in your life and lead a more fulfilling life by acknowledging your emotions.